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I am an MSc Animation & Visualisation student at DJCAD in Dundee, Scotland. "Once Bitten" is the working title for my personal project and final outcome short film. The characters in my film will be 2D, animated digitally, but the environments they inhabit will be filmed in live action.

"Once Bitten" is a story about a woman who meets a wolf cub alone in the forest, the mood is light and playful and about the pair of new friends escaping their normal lives. However the mood darkens when the cub accidentally falls into a human trap and his mother catches up with him and his new companion.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Anna: Original Character Design

Ok, so here's a base design i'm happy with for Anna... obviously i need to fit that iconic red hooded cape on her somehow, but this is how i want her to look with out it.

Also i am rethinking my story a lot... i'm really not happy with how my animatic turned out. I thought about taking it down a darker pagan sacrificial ritual route... in a way that story is a lot quicker and more dramatic to tell because there's less messing about with secret identities. But now i've drawn her she's too cute to be dark so i don't know.

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